Welcome Mr. McHugh!


We would like to welcome Mr. McHugh our new Interim Acting Principal to the Marie Curie Family! Families please virtually meet Mr. McHugh on Thursday, September 3rd at 5pm or Friday, September 4th at 11am. The invite information will be sent to all students Gmail accounts. We look forward to seeing you all there. 

Peter McHugh began his career with the New York City Department of Education in 2000. Prior to joining the team at the Marie Curie Middle School, he served as the Climate and Culture Manager with the Queens North Borough Office. It was in this role that he provided DOE staff with a number of professional learning opportunities. Two examples are Therapeutic Crisis Intervention in Schools and Restorative Practices. A strong advocate of student voice, Peter also facilitated the Borough Student Advisory Council (BSAC). This work involved providing student representatives with leadership training and experiences while they developed plans of action to address the needs of all of our students. He has also played critical roles in supporting all of the school communities which include our own District 26, as well as Districts 24, 25 and 30.

Peter attended Queens College for all of his post-secondary studies. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in 2000, he began his graduate course work while serving the students of NYC as a Social Studies Teacher here in Queens. Attending evening classes, he earned his Master’s Degree in Social Studies Education, Cum Laude, in 2004. Being a lifelong learner, Peter decided to continue with his graduate work and earned a second Master’s Degree, this time in School Administration and Supervision, Magna Cum Laude, in 2007.

As a teacher, Peter demonstrated proficiency in providing his students with high quality, rigorous and differentiated instruction. As a New York City educator, Peter participated in New York and the World, a forum devoted to providing students with an in depth and global view of World History. This in addition to participating in the American Social History Project that focused on a deep dive into American History that combined historical documents and literature to provide students with multiple viewpoints on historic events. He was also provided with additional opportunities to serve his school community as a Dean, a UFT Chapter Leader, and by writing curricula to improve student outcomes. These experiences helped prepare him for a role as an Assistant Principal. In this capacity, Peter took on new challenges, such as leading academic departments, giving feedback to staff and supporting the needs of his students, including working to provide a safe and supportive environment.

Peter is a dedicated educator focused on addressing the needs of each individual student, and providing them with the means they require to find success. He is a firm believer that all students should be provided with multiple access points to achieve their educational goals. A life-long learner himself, Peter knows the value of expanding educational opportunities and creating school and community partnerships to benefit all students. A former resident of District 26, he has a great deal of affection for, and knowledge of our community. He is excited by the opportunity to serve the families of M.S. 158 as their new Principal.  

Welcome back to school!

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Reopening Protocol


Welcome to Marie Curie! FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Marie Curie! We have missed our students and cannot wait to  welcome them back into the school building! We know that this year might look a little different and are sure you have some questions. Here are some answers to questions that topped the list of most frequently asked. If you still have
questions you can always speak to Ms. Polizzi, our Parent Coordinator for help Mpolizzi@schools.nyc.gov (718)-423-8100 ext. 1133.

How are students broken up into groups?

❖ All students were assigned a cohort that they will be following for the
beginning of the school year. The cohorts are labeled A,B,C or D. If you
are in cohort A,B or C you will be coming into school two days out of our
six day cycle. If you are in cohort D you will be taken classes remotely.

How long is the school day?
❖ Our school day will begin at 8:30am and end at 2:00pm for all students
both in school and remotely.

How do I know which cohort is in school on each day?
❖ A weekly email reminder will be sent out on Fridays for the upcoming
week. You can also see the most up to date calendar information on our
school website. We will post outside of school each day a poster to
remind students which cohort should be in school on that day.

Where do I line up in the morning?
❖ Each grade level will have their own entrance into school. At each
entrance there are colored paw prints for students to stand on to keep
socially distanced while waiting to enter the school building.
➢ 6th Grade- enters on Oceania Street and 46th Road
➢ 7th Grade- enters on 47th Avenue and 210th Street
➢ 8th Grade- enters on 46th Avenue- through the school yard

What if a student forgets their mask?
❖ We will have masks for students if they forget at each entrance. If
something happens to their mask throughout the day, we will happily
provide a new one to them.

What will it be like when students enter the school?
❖ At each entrance there will be adults to help guide students to their
classrooms. An adult will be taking every student's temperature as they
enter the building. No worries though! Just lean forward a bit and sweep
your hair to one side. It’s painless and quick! As students enter the
building they will be asked to use the hand sanitizer station as they go to
their classroom for homeroom. Once they reach their classroom they will
then use the hand sanitizer station again.

Can students still get breakfast in the morning at school?
❖ At each entrance there will be a grab and go style breakfast for any
student who would like one. Students can eat their breakfast during

What happens during homeroom?
❖ During homeroom students attendance will be taken and
announcements will be shared with the class. The announcements will
also be available on the school website for students to review at their

What happens if I am late to school?
❖ No worries! Although we want everyone to be on time to school we know
things happen. Please come through the main entrance of the school so
we can help you get yourself settled and ready for class.

How is lunch going to work this year?
❖ This year we will be eating our lunches in the classrooms. Students may
bring their own lunch with them or they can get a cold school lunch.
During a designated period students will be given time to eat as they
continue learning.

How are we going to be dismissed from school?
❖ Each classroom will be assigned a specific exit to use for leaving the
school building. At different times groups of students will be escorted to
the exit in order to maintain social distancing. Please see the chart below
for which exit your class will be leaving from. Mom and Dad this is where
you can pick up your child from on the days they are in the school
Dismissal Locations
Exits 2- Oceania Street
Exit 3- 46th Avenue
Exit 5- School Yard
Exit 9- 47th Avenue

Bell Schedule for in School Learning

What happens if I need to pick up my child early from school?
❖ No worries! Please call the main office ahead of time (718)-423-8100 ext.0
We will get your child from class and escort them to the main entrance by
security. We ask that you sign your child out by the security desk in order
to limit the amount of people in the school building.

How can I get into contact with specific teachers, Assistant Principal, the school
❖ We are computer savvy! You can reach all teachers, Assistant Principal’s,
Principal, and dean through Pupil Path. You can also call us anytime and
leave a message with the main office (718)-423-8100.

How do I know how my child is doing in their classes?
❖ Make sure both you and your child register for Pupil Path. Pupil Path can
show you their teachers, current and past grades, missing assignments
and allow you to communicate with staff. If you need any help accessing
Pupil Path, Ms. Polizzi, our Parent Coordinator can help you.

What school supplies do I need?
❖ Make sure you have a notebook and pens and pencils. You can use
whatever type of system you like- notebook for each class, section in a
notebook for each class or a binder with sections for each class. We want
you to be comfortable with how you like to take notes.

How do I get the emails from school?
❖ Make sure you have a nyc student account. Use this link for a video
tutorial. DOE Student Accounts
How do I get notifications from the school from the school website?
❖ Get real time school updates on your mobile device
❖ Look for the yellow tab on the right side of the school website for information on how to
download the app to your phone.
❖ Connect with code C6QJX1 to get instant alerts or log in with your eChalk user account
for the latest updates from our school.

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Calendar of Events

  • Department Meeting

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort C

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • SLT meeting 3:00 - PTA meeting 7:00pm

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort A

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort A

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort B

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort B

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort C

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort C

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort A

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort A

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort B

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort B

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Election Day- Fully Remote for All

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
  • Cohort C

    Marie Curie Middle School M.S. 158Q
View Monthly Calendar

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year

Consistent with the DOE family website, our school has been approved to use Model 3b for the 2020-2021 school year. You can view the details of model 3b by CLICKING HERE.  In short, our blended learning students will be divided into 3 in-person cohorts:  cohorts A, B, and C.  Each cohort will follow a 6 day schedule (M-F) and attend school for two consecutive days (8:30AM – 2:00PM), and then continue learning remotely for the following 4 school days. 

To opt in to remote learning fill out the survey below

Parents & Guardians Sign Up for NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)

Parents and Guardians: We’ve made it easier to sign up for a NYC Schools Account(NYCSA).

Setting up a basic account will allow you to get emergency notifications from the DOE.  

You can create a basic account online from any computer, phone, or tablet. All you need to do is:

  • Go to the NYC Schools Account sign up page 

  • Set up the account by:

    • Entering  your name and email address,

    • creating a password, and

    • answering a few brief security questions so you can reset the password if you forget it.

After you create your account, you will need to verify your identity and your relationship to that student. Once you do that you will be able to see your child’s grades, test scores, and attendance. 

If you need assistance, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Margaret Polizzi at mpolizzi@schools.nyc.gov

Student Safety and Discipline

 Safety and discipline pres for students 2 2.pptx 


Click on the link above for the  presentation

High School Workshop

Here are our resources from the High School Guide workshop. If you have any questions about high schools, please reach out to

Mr. Epstein- SEpstei2@schools.nyc.gov.

Students can also access this information and interactive activities on Mrs. Corbett's Google Classroom under classwork. Please check above for the recording of the workshop.

 High school interest survey.pdf  

High School search workshop graphic organizer docx.pdf 

Contact Us

For any assistance with anything- please call Ms. Polizzi our Parent Coordinator- (718)-423-8100.  at ext 1133

Statement on Accessibility

Statement on Accessibility: We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact  Melissa Corbett at (718) 423-8100 or email mcorbett3@schools.nyc.gov or use our mailing address 46-35 Oceania Street, Bayside, NY 11361 to request assistance.