Past School Achievements

  • Congratulations to the 8th Grade Band on a wonderful performance at the Winter concert! Please click here to hear recordings from the concert! Click the Symphonic Band tab and choose 8th Grade Band Page for a list of recordings.
  • Congratulations to all students who participated in the myON Summer Reading Contest. M.S. 158 had 12 prize winners and three students receive certificates. We also had one grand prize winner!

Grand Prize Winner: Olivia L. of class 791 read 359 books!
Runner Up
: David X.-724, Elizabeth G.-722, Audrey C.-822, Yeju K.-725, Perry S.-701
Certificate Winners:
Justin C.- 722, Jhoonho K.- 821, Jesse L.-703
Honorable Mention:
Stephanie Z.-802, Emily L.-703, Serena C.-723, Steven B.-731, Michael Jr. L.-731, Christophe L.-805

  • Congratulations to our "Respect For All" contest winners! 
    First Place: Game Stop Gift Card: Kevin V.
    Second Place: Paris Baguette Gift Card: Beth D. , Derek Z. , Teresa D., Sophia M. , Kelsey Z.  Honorable Mentions:Christopher S, Angela W., Savion A., Patrick C., Elizabeth T., Tenny L., Sarah A., Victoria R. 
  • Congratulations to our Debate Team! Our Debate Team took 2nd Place at the District 26 Agape Leaders Debate Tournament. We had four teams place in the Top 10:
    • 3rd Place: Felicia Chen and Javah Xie
    • 4th Place: Madison Fishman and Elizabeth Doss
    • 7th Place: Hana Kim/ Anabella Li
    • 9th Place: Jessica Mandel and Yanni Kitsios
  • In addition, we had seven members place in the Top 20 individual speakers:
    • 7th Place Speaker: Hana Kim
    • 8th Place Speaker: Javah Xie
    • 11th Place Speaker: Madison Fishman
    • 13th Place Speaker: Jessica Mandel
    • 14th Place Speaker: Teresa Nam
    • 16th Place Speaker: Felicia Chen
    • 20th Place Speaker: Elizabeth Doss