CEP Goals 2015-2016

 Strong Family and Community Ties

By June 2016 there will be an improvement beyond the current rate of 48% to 50% for parent completion of the learning environment survey as evidenced by closing the gap between the NYC average and school’s average which will build stronger relationships and encourage more family involvement.

Effective School Leadership

By June 2016, school leaders will effectively use evidence-based systems to examine and improve individual and school wide practices while nurturing leadership development of others as evidenced by the Principal’s PPO score, Advance, QR snapshot and i-Ready.

 Collaborative Teachers

By June 2016 the Learning Environment Survey will show an improvement beyond the current rate of 43% to at least 50% in the number of teachers who strongly agree/agree that “time was provided for collaboration.” 

Supportive Environment

By June 2016, students’ response rate to the question “treating each other with respect” will exceed a 66% satisfaction rate as teachers strengthen their classroom communities to maintain a culture of respect and rapport.

 Rigorous Instruction

By June 2016, students in the Students with Disabilities subgroup will increase their English Language Arts growth as evidenced by their performance on the 2016 New York State English Language Arts test.